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Roger T. Duguay

Roger T. Duguay offers his services as a speaker to equip senior executives, managers, and leaders of sales and marketing teams who need to maximize the impact they make in everyday life. During his live engagements, this exceptional headhunter offers a clear and straightforward understanding of the areas that influence how organizational decisions are made. Let your organization experience electrifying moments in a live setting, where they can interact meaningfully with the most prominent headhunter in Quebec, and walk away inspired.

A committed leader

An avid supporter of scholarly perseverance, musical talent, health research, and the artistic avant-garde, Roger T. Duguay actively supports a diversity of causes by helping certain organizations generate a greater impact.

An unparalleled eye for talent

In 2010, Roger T. Duguay decided to enter the executive search field by joining Odgers Berndtson, where he ultimately became Managing Partner and before founding the Montreal office of Boyden in 2015. As Managing Partner at Boyden, he meets an astonishing 1,000 candidates a year, a pace that allows him to continually refine his understanding of behavioural parameters that influence the famous “first impression.”

Early career

Roger got his start in actuarial sciences in Toronto and Montreal at AON Hewitt, a global human resources management consulting firm. In 2004, Roger joined the technology company Averna, where he was soon appointed Executive Vice President.

An intense and passionate journey

Having visited over 68 countries, Roger T. Duguay is a tireless traveller who is always on the move and looking for new inspiration. Over the past 20 years, these travels have brought him to management positions at prestigious companies active in the fields of consulting, hi-tech and executive search.

My books


Avoid Faux Pas in the Digital Era

At a time when digital technology is invading our professional and personal lives, it is essential to rethink the notions of interpersonal skills and etiquette. What mistakes to avoid during a job interview? How to optimize your presence on LinkedIn? When is the best time to leave a networking event? In Avoiding FAUX PAS in the Digital Age, Roger T. Duguay and Renaud Margairaz define the new rules and importance of soft skills to be able to interact better together. Personalities from the business world and the media share their worst mistakes and their advice to counter this. Avoiding FAUX PAS in the Digital Age is the essential survival guide to learn how to highlight your interpersonal skills.

Stand out

Whether it’s a job interview, a meeting with a client, or a social engagement, your first impression is the most important one you’ll ever make. In fact, you have a mere 30 seconds to stand out, followed by a 30 minutes to solidify your first impression, to showcase your authenticity, credibility and value, and to seal the deal. Roger T. Duguay has interviewed and worked with over 1,000 executives across North America in all avenues of business. In Stand Out: The Art of Creating an Impact, he reveals the key criteria required not only to shine in an interview, but also to create lasting relationships with managers and clients, and to improve social skills useful in our professional as well as our personal lives.

All profits from the sale of this book are donated to the Breakfast Club of Canada.

All profits from the sale of this book are donated to the Trioomph Foundation which supports student retention.

With over 2,000 interviews to his credit...

Roger T. Duguay has mastered the art of “scanning” a top candidate in less than 30 seconds. Based on his years of practice, he wrote the book Stand Out, published by Les Éditions La Presse. Adapting to change, managing one’s image, developing strong interpersonal relationships and harnessing the rules of power are all at the heart of this book. Stand Out is an essential guide to helping you create the best and strongest impression possible.

Today, it takes more than mere talent and skill to stand out in the professional world

When you meet a recruiter, a business partner or a potential customer, it’s not your CV or sales presentation that will put you at the head of the pack. To make an impact, you need to create the best and most authentic impression possible. This includes your style of dress, your handshake, the intensity of your gaze, and a host of other factors. It’s essential to put forward the best version of yourself. However, to score the most points, you have to know the rules of the seduction game.


The first impression - decomposable into fifty behavioral parameters

remains unchanged in 80% of cases, even after 30, 60 or 90 minutes of conversation!